5210 Let’s go!

We have partnered with       5-2-1-0 Let’s Go! and Healthy Casco Bay, supporting the

5 fruits or  vegetables daily

2 hours or less of screen time daily

1 hour or more of  physical activity, whether it be indoor or out, and

0 ZERO sugary drinks, we offer water or low-fat milk for snack. If it is your day to provide snack and you feel milk will taste great with the snack you provide, feel free to bring it, If not  we have water.  We also encourage a choice of a fruit or vegetable as part of the snack.  Also besides encouraging healthy choices for food to eat, we are offering a minimum of 2 times per day that we offer gross motor physical activity, whether it be indoors or in our “great room”.

Emily Clyatt, our 5-2-1-0 representative just spent the past few weeks coming in and sharing about healthy foods!